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The high style Clayton Townhome real estate being offered for sale at Balmoral (19219 67th Avenue) is truly magnificent. Balmoral Townhomes located in Clayton Heights offers scenic valley views and Mt. Baker, and yet is located close to schools, parks as well as shopping. This quiet, exclusive neighborhood is a prime place to relax and enjoy your family at the end of the day.

Balmoral Townhomes offer duplex and triplex living in the secluded Clayton Townhome area which combines the best of city living with a blissful park. These homes provide the latest in modern convenience and luxury. Balmoral 19219 67th Avenue is located in a duplex. This is a South facing end unit townhouse, with abundant light and a massive open floor

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When it comes to buying a home everyone thinks they understand the amount of money involved, but aside from the purchase price there are a number of additional costs associated with buying real estate that can trip buyers up — especially first time home buyers.

It helps to be prepared and know what these costs will be: otherwise there could be a few unexpected surprises during the already stressful closing process.

Additional real estate costs beyond the negotiated purchase price often include:

Sales Tax: In British Columbia HST is charged on some kinds of property, including brand new homes and condos, while other real estate will be exempt from sales taxes. Make sure to know what taxes apply on which homes when you’re considering making an

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What is a Coach Home?

Long ago, coach houses were constructed as secure space to store family carriages and coaches when they weren’t in use. Usually designed as standalone buildings separate from the main home, these coach houses typically served as the “garage” of the horse-drawn carriage days: larger versions even included stable space for a horse.

Where original old-time carriage houses exist today they have typically be converted to other uses. Some have been turned into shops or garages while others have become cozy garden houses, guest homes or secondary suites.

When coach or carriage homes are built today they are generally characterized as a home with a legal secondary suite in a smaller building separate from the main residence, often

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Surrey is Canada’s tenth largest city and it happens to be the second largest in British Columbia. It has a variety of attractions to offer for everybody. Its beautiful landscapes, thriving parks and forest lands, not to mention its robust festivals offer interesting and fun filled days. The residents are of diverse origins and hence extremely friendly people.

This is the only city in the whole of British Columbia that has an assortment of places of natural beauty. For example, there are beautiful forests, pristine coasts, pro level golf courses and plenty of options for eco and agri tourism for the initiated. There are beautiful parks that are peaceful to stroll around in. It has state of the art recreational facilities that help stage sporting

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Investing or buying a home is viewed by many individuals as being one of the most valuable and toughest financial decisions that they will make in their life. Finding the best home can indeed be a huge task and time consuming. For this reason, one needs to have comprehensive information about what the whole process entails from the outset so as to move on with confidence. Having the following tips at hand will help a great deal while investing in Langley, BC real estate.

One of the steps involves ensuring that one has a mortgage lender that is reliable and credible. Settling for one requires that the buyer knows the amount of money that they are in a position to spend on the home. This largely depends on the cash flow of the buyer.

One should at

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Buying your first home can be a daunting experience: there’s so much to consider, and since it’s the first time you’re purchasing real estate you don’t have any past experience to draw from. Buying a home is different from purchasing almost anything else because it’s a long term investment that is affected both by your personal financial history and larger economic and market factors.

As a Surrey real estate professional, I’ve worked with many first time home buyers, and want to share a few tips about making your first real estate buying experience a successful one.

1. Research the Real Estate Market in Your Area

As a first time home buyer make sure you spend some time researching the real estate market you’re planning to buy in. It’s important

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