Real Estate and Land Sales in Surrey, British Columbia on the Rise

Posted by Robbie Johal on Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 at 6:35pm

Surrey is Canada’s tenth largest city and it happens to be the second largest in British Columbia. It has a variety of attractions to offer for everybody. Its beautiful landscapes, thriving parks and forest lands, not to mention its robust festivals offer interesting and fun filled days. The residents are of diverse origins and hence extremely friendly people.

This is the only city in the whole of British Columbia that has an assortment of places of natural beauty. For example, there are beautiful forests, pristine coasts, pro level golf courses and plenty of options for eco and agri tourism for the initiated. There are beautiful parks that are peaceful to stroll around in. It has state of the art recreational facilities that help stage sporting events, the most popular of which is the Cloverdale Rodeo and other events of local and national importance. The Bell Performing Arts Center and the Art Gallery host some interesting art shows.

This city is located on the the United states border and hence has a lot of business people coming in for conferences and such events. For the shopper with the discerning eye, there are amazing options to choose from. There are the quaint little shops to the more celebrated city center malls. There are six main town centers which are at Guildford, Fleetwood, Cloverdale, Newton and the Central. These are the nerve centers of the city.

Here are located the city’s excellent centers of education like the Polytechnic University. There are also several other state of the art training institutes. There are also several cutting edge museums that provide knowledge and entertainment all at the same time.

The several festivals and cultural events that are hosted by the city are very popular events. Several live shows and live music shows are held year round that are enjoyed by residents and tourists alike. The Winter Festival is held in the month of February and is robustly celebrated with sporting events, delicious food, fireworks and live music. The second largest rodeo show in Canada is held here year after year in Cloverdale. It is held in may and includes exciting shows like a firefighter challenge, agricultural and horticultural shows and a parade.

The Children’s Festival is held annually and is the most looked forward to by the young populace. It showcases street performances, a circus, story telling, parade shows and lots of interesting events for children. These festivals are celebrated with such pomp and gusto that the city has become the Cultural Capital of the country.

Canada Day is celebrated on the first of July in the city and it is one of the grandest celebrations. The events include music shows, rides for kids and the traditional fireworks. A very singular event is the Nicomekl Boat Race. It is so unique because the boats are built by the team themselves.

The city is not as densely populated as other cities with the same kind of infrastructure. But, with the growth of more and more commercial structures, it is fast becoming one of the hottest locations to buy land and property. The real estate market is booming in this city and the property rates of both residential and commercial venues are on the upswing.

A big chunk of the city land is preserved as agricultural land. The Surrey landscape is a blend of imposing hills and fertile plains. The weather is mostly pleasant with mild sunny summers and pleasant winters with heavy showers. The beauty of the city is at its most ravishing in the various seasons.

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