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Well another year has come to an end just as quickly as it came! First and foremost, I want to thank all of the people I had the pleasure of meeting and working with this past year. 2013 was awesome and I couldn’t have done it without you! I’m happy to know that you will be spending the New Year in a new Cloverdale home.

One of the things I find helps me stay focused (both in my career and in my personal life) is goal setting. Now, I’m not talking about making New Years Resolutions which sometimes only last until February and then are forgotten about. Goal setting has been proven to be an effective strategy to help people focus, stay on track, and strive towards something greater.

I highly recommend you set some long-term and short term goals for

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Clayton Heights in Surrey B.C. is a fast-growing suburban community and one of the most prominent areas in Surrey. Boasting minimal traffic, a friendly and kid-safe neighbourhood, green and luscious parks, and a beautiful rural surrounding, it is the perfect place to start a family, meet new friends, start up an active and healthy lifestyle, and enjoy some peace and relaxation. Popular activities in the area include golf, Langley cycling, and recreational community activities for kids, youth, and adults.

Clayton Heights, however, is not remote. It is conveniently located near schools, trendy restaurants, and abundant shopping destinations in Langley within blocks. So if it’s your turn to prep dinner after work or you’re running low on sugar or laundry

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Whether you are looking to enjoy an evening out, or simply to grab a quick bite, Clayton Heights offers great dining options for residents. From casual to fine dining, there is something for everyone in the area. The next time you decide to get a meal at one of the many Clayton Heights restaurants, check out one of these local favourites.

Salty Dishes Served Fresh to Order

Although Clayton Heights may not sit on the shoreline, Salty’s Fish and Chips feels like an authentic beachside experience. Serving up fresh fish and chips daily for lunch and dinner, this restaurant has been a local favourite for many years. Founded in the 1970s, Salty’s has been providing excellent service and fresh food ever since. The fish is always fresh, never frozen, and is

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A major consideration for any family considering a move to a new home is the educational options nearby. The reputation of local schools, proximity to the new home, or access of unique programs are all important – especially at the secondary school level, as teenagers prepare for university or the working world beyond.
Here’s a closer look at some of the Surrey BC high schools available to local residents.

Surrey Boasts Several Public High Schools to Choose From

The Surrey school district is the largest public school district in the province of BC. While many districts have seen shrinking enrolment, Surrey continues to grow – in all, there are 123 schools for kindergarten to Grade 12 students, 19 of which are secondary schools. Among those are

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Do you miss the days when everyone in the neighbourhood knew each other? When you would know all of your neighbours’ names, and people would stop and chat on the sidewalk? Well, those days don’t just exist in old movies. Although it may look a little different today, it is still possible to live in a place where you know your neighbours’ names. You might even meet some close friends in your new neighbourhood. But these days, meeting new people can be hard to do – so if you’re struggling to break the ice in your new neighbourhood, these three tips might help.

Don’t Say “Hi” Just Yet

Sometimes the best way to meet people is to spend some time observing them. If you’re feeling shy about introducing yourself to your new neighbours, you don’t need to

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When you’re moving to a new area, it’s important to know how much the move is going to cost you, not just in the short term because of housing prices, but also in the long term because of things like property taxes. How much will property taxes cost in Clayton Heights in 2014? Let’s take a look at how property taxes in Surrey are calculated in order to help you estimate how much you will be paying each year for a home in this area.

What Your Property Taxes Pay For

Before looking at how much property taxes cost, sometimes it’s a good idea to get some perspective on the issue by considering what your taxes will be paying for. Property taxes in Surrey cover services such as garbage collection, road repair, drainage services, bus services, and schools.

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Surrey is known as the city of parks. There are plenty of beautiful spots to take the family outdoors and into nature. Unfortunately for dog owners, finding places to let their furry loved ones run free can be a bit more of a challenge. Pet owners in the Clayton Heights and Cloverdale area can take comfort knowing that there are great off-leash dog parks close by, offering plenty of space for dogs of all sizes to let loose and enjoy some freedom.

Dog Parks in Clayton

There is currently one off-leash dog park in the Cloverdale area. Located at 7011 188 Street is the Clayton Dog-Off-Leash Park. This park is a local favourite, and was engineered with our four-legged friends in mind. The park features grass fields, forest paths, and a large paved

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Are you living in Clayton Heights and looking to set out for a scenic winter hike? Residents near Surrey and Langley have excellent options for enjoying the wilderness, even when colder temperatures sink into the valley. First and foremost, remember to prepare yourself for the elements – be aware of weather conditions before setting out and remember than sunset occurs earlier and earlier as the winter solstice approaches. Make sure you have the proper hiking gear, and always be prepared for some snow. Hiking Clayton Heights, Cloverdale, and beyond is an excellent way to exercise and immerse yourself in nature. Here are three of the best Clayton Heights hiking trails that you’ll want to explore this winter.

Explore the Opening of Indian Arm

Near the

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It’s that time of year again when the snow is falling and the air is cool and crisp. Sometimes it isn’t always an option to go skating outdoors because of some weather extremes such as bitter below-zero temperatures, or snow storms. If that’s the case, why not go ice skating indoors? Ice skating, whether indoors or outdoors, can lead to some great winter fun, not to mention the amount of healthy exercise you will get while racing around the ice with your family or friends. There are a variety of drop-in ice skating venues in the neighbourhood of Surrey, British Columbia that can offer families tons of winter fun!

If you are looking for Surrey ice skating or arenas that have excellent drop-in options for skating in Surrey, check out these top ice

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Investing in real estate is one of the most important financial decisions in a person’s life. Therefore, it is vital to consider whether a condo or a house is right for you. Regardless if it is your first home or your retirement villa, there are many versatile options in the Surrey real estate market. Here are the five key decisions you will need to make in order to choose between a house and a condo.

A Preference for High or Low Density

First of all, it is paramount to consider your preference for neighbourhood density. Condos offer high density living with sometimes 100 or more residents in one building. This can make for vibrant community living, but it is important to consider if you prefer more seclusion. Many detached houses are in

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