Coach & Carriage Homes in East Clayton

Posted by Robbie Johal on Monday, November 22nd, 2010 at 6:50pm

What is a Coach Home?

Long ago, coach houses were constructed as secure space to store family carriages and coaches when they weren’t in use. Usually designed as standalone buildings separate from the main home, these coach houses typically served as the “garage” of the horse-drawn carriage days: larger versions even included stable space for a horse.

Where original old-time carriage houses exist today they have typically be converted to other uses. Some have been turned into shops or garages while others have become cozy garden houses, guest homes or secondary suites.

When coach or carriage homes are built today they are generally characterized as a home with a legal secondary suite in a smaller building separate from the main residence, often built over a detached garage. Also known as granny suites, garden suites or laneway houses, coach homes are great mortgage helpers, allowing homeowners to create attractive rental suites on their property.

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Why Buy a Clayton Coach Home?

East Clayton is one of only four neighbourhoods in Surrey that has currently has coach homes, most designed with space above detached garages that are ideal for secondary suites. Well designed coach home suites are extremely attractive to renters: above ground and detached from the main home they offer more privacy and better natural lighting than basement suites.

Clayton coach homes make great investments, and for first time home buyers or empty-nesters creating legal secondary suites to rent make owning a home much more affordable. Young professionals and students are particularly drawn to coach home suites close to their workplaces, schools or transit routes.

Even if you’re not the landlord-type, there are many alternate uses for the extra space a coach home provides. Carriage homes can be ideal solutions for families looking to create a separate but close-to home for aging elderly parents, or young adult children looking for a little more freedom.

For homeowners who frequently entertain overnight guests carriages home secondary suites make perfect guest houses, especially for those guests who may be staying for extended periods and need a little more privacy than a typical guest room would allow.

Artists and other creative-minded people might consider transforming a coach home suite into a bright studio space or workshop. Professionals who work primarily from home would have a perfect place to build a home office, giving them a private and separate space to spend their work day.

Carriage homes can also be great solutions for investors, providing two rental units with one investment. Older couples looking to downsize but also interested in an investment property could choose to live in the secondary suite and rent the primary residence.

Coach homes in East Clayton offer home buyers of all backgrounds a wide range of options and flexibility. Whether you turn your coach home into a legal rental suite or a cozy and convenient guest home, a carriage home can be an excellent investment.

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