Latest Home Design Trend for Transforming Your New Clayton Home’s Kitchen Décor

Posted by Robbie Johal on Friday, January 13th, 2017 at 9:56am

latest kitchen design

Today, different kitchen design ideas are helping people to come up with the perfect décor for their home kitchens. It is the immediate time for you to join the broad community and get set ready for renovating your kitchen in full confirmation to the latest designs. And to help you know better about what’s hot nowadays, we have listed down a few of the most recent kitchen décor trends that you may choose to include in your new Clayton home:

1. Graphic Tiles: Graphic tiles come in a broad array of colour, design and pattern. You can add your creative touch by combining and matching colours, adding contrasts, or going abstract. Select any trend for your tiles but make sure the style of the tiles is such that wouldn’t bore you soon, for replacing tiles all over again can be a tiring mess.

kitchen wall tiles

2. Mix Countertop Materials: Your options for choosing countertop materials are no longer limited to granite, quartz, laminate or marble since combined material countertops have become the latest trend. Merging one or more materials like wood with marble can do wonders.

3. Recycle To Reuse: Many designers are coming out with multiple exhibitions on how to utilize old or worn out materials for designing your kitchen décor. You can also add some creativity and breathe new life into your old hangings, showcases, lamps or paintings so as to give your kitchen décor an exciting and inspiring appeal.

4. Black Window Frames: A black window frame option is amongst the top kitchen décor design trends that can spice up some glamour into your new kitchen décor, and that too without much efforts!

5. Combined Kitchen Living Spaces: It could be that your kitchen may remain isolated from the rest of your abode in its interiors and feel. Nonetheless, you can make your cooking space feel more accommodating by integrating a similar touch of your new Clayton home’s interior to its décor.

combined living space

6. Open And Airy: Families today, prefer open spaces in their kitchen so as to breathe freely and manage kitchen smoke efficiently without letting it cloud their whole Clayton home air.

7. Minimal Design: Earlier, people tend to consider that more figures will add lovelier décor. Nevertheless, the ideology of kitchen décor designs today makes more sense since people now see the difference between cluttering the space and beautifying it.

8. Striking Color Palettes: Kitchen colours are changing, and with this, we mean people are ready to try out their cabinets and backsplashes with bold and contrasting shades of grey, charcoal and black. Even the neutral pastels like pale green-grey, light blue, and tinted white offer a surprisingly fresh look.

9. New Hues for Sinks: Sinks are the most tired looking instruments in a kitchen. But as per the new designs, you can make your sink look lovely by adding fresh colours such as summer green or sunset yellow into the otherwise basic white or stainless steel. Colours like these can make your backsplash the focal point of your kitchen.

large sink

10. Get The Best Use Of Kitchen Storage: Your kitchen needs proper wardrobes, multi-tiered drawers, cabinets and shelves to look less messy and get their space utilized efficiently.

Those who have lately shifted to their new Clayton home can easily associate with the excitement and feel instant urge to decorate complete home interior as per their longed interior designs. Nevertheless, the kitchen being the heart of your new Clayton home can add great fun, and sophisticated appeal once amalgamated with the given ruling design options.

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