Construction of Salish High School in Clayton Commences

Posted by Robbie Johal on Wednesday, October 19th, 2016 at 3:30pm

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Lack of High Schools in Clayton

For a while now, the fast-growing Clayton and its surrounding areas in Surrey have had to make do with just a couple of high schools. This has proven to be a major communal issue because the Clayton Heights and Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary schools have been operating with students beyond their housing capacities.

Overcrowding has been a major concern for the existing schools as they have had to introduce the system of a flex schedule where different grades start and finish with different timings to accommodate the overflow of students. 

Lord Tweedsmuir has also had to arrange 13 make-shift portable classrooms, while Clayton Heights has 10.

These issues have been pressing for a solution over the past couple of years or so. A significant reason for this growing concern is also down to the fact that the city of Surrey is the one of the fastest growing cities in Canada.

Owing to this trend, Clayton, too, has seen a massive rise in its real estate market and population. Living in this area presents itself as an attractive prospect. And now, the prospect looks even rosier with the decision to build a new high school by the City of Surrey.

Salish High School, Clayton 

The proposal to introduce a new secondary school to the Salish School, formerly known as Clayton North, has been finalized. Construction of the state-of-the-art $55.2 million Salish Secondary School will commence around January of 2017, with other formalities and paperwork already underway. 

The new Salish Secondary School is expected to open in the fall of 2018 and will accommodate over 1500 grade 8 to 12 students. These numbers will help ease the pressure on the Clayton Heights and Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary schools.

What this project also does is ensure that Clayton, already a very fast-growing city, will attract even more people to the area. And, why not? With a brand new school to compliment the wonderful community, very few places in BC or Canada offer a better living prospect.

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Surrey Flirting with the Idea of a Public-Private Partnership Model

Although the Salish Secondary School Project is underway, many believe that the demands for more schools may not be completely quelled. In fact, the building of three new elementary schools have also been recently completed namely the Adams Road Elementary, the Morgan Elementary, and the Rosemary Heights Elementary schools.

Many believe that a few more additional projects will help in meeting the demands of the community. 

So, the City of Surrey is floating the idea of using a public-private partnership model to help speed up the process. The city says it needs space for nearly 3,000 students and is recommending the province consider so-called P3s, which would see private companies design, build, and even operate the schools for a short time.

With the promise of many more projects to follow, Clayton is fast becoming one of the most popular places to consider moving to. 

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