Preparing Your Surrey Home for Emergencies

Posted by Robbie Johal on Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 at 7:10pm

Keep Your Surrey Real Estate Home Safe!

As some of you know, first and foremost, I am a proud husband and father of four. So when it comes to protecting my family and Clayton home from unexpected disasters, I make sure I am well prepared. Which is actually easier than you think! Below are some tips which can help you keep your family safe and protect your Surrey home in the case of emergencies.

  • Prevent Floods. Sump pumps can help you protect your home against floods and basement water damages. Plan an escape route ahead of time and make sure your family knows the route. Please, never ever attempt to drive through moving waters, you could get trapped! To prevent internal floods, locate your home’s gate valve. This valve shuts off the water supply through your home’s main water pipe.
  • Emergency Kit. Make sure you have an emergency kit available in case you have to provide first aid services. This kit should have at least a week’s worth of water, non-perishable food, and supplies such as blankets. If any of your family members need medication, try to keep a week’s supply in your emergency kit.
  • Fire Safety. Whether its a wildfire or house fire, the thought of flames consuming your Surrey home and putting your family in danger is sickening. You can prevent any fires from starting in your surrey house by locating your home’s main gas shut-off. In the case of an emergency you’ll know how to shut it off. To prevent electrical fires, don’t overload your home’s electrical circuits. Always keep a fire extinguisher near your home’s kitchen and furnace.

Check the batteries in your smoke detectors and fire alarms a couple times a year. It never hurts to replace them if you’re in doubt. Did you know you can also protect your pets in the case of an emergency? Head to the nearest animal shelter or pet store and pick-up a Pet Emergency Rescue window sticker. If rescue personnel have to enter your home they’ll be aware a pet also lives there. Stay tuned for more tips and advice for your Surrey home, Cloverdale home, and Clayton home.

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