Checklist for Your New Clayton Home Move

Posted by Robbie Johal on Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 at 8:05am

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A dream house is everyone’s dream! And when it becomes real, there are some things both planned and unplanned that can create a havoc. One such being – moving into your new Clayton home. The feeling is liberating, although the mess of shifting remains the same. Here are listed, a few important points that can smooth your moving process into your new Clayton home.

1: Fill your dumps, ease your bags: The time you start with the shifting process into your new Clayton house, you realize your old home wasn’t that perfect after all. You may come across to some stuff you probably haven’t noticed for years, only they still lurk behind your furniture, wardrobes, and many unknown places quietly. Immediately is the time, you realize, they are of no use and then you can merely flip them forth in the trash can. There also could be valuable things that you do not require any more. In such events, you can either choose to sell your old items both online and offline, conduct a yard sale, or endure a big heart and donate for good. 

2: Choose the early packing option: Whether the shift time is near or not for your Clayton home, early packing your essentials is always a sound plan. You should start with slow packing at least two or three weeks before so that the entire burden doesn’t consume you at the end. Fill in the checklist given in advance for an organized packing:

  • Shop good amount of cardboard boxes.
  • Do not forget to purchase a marker to label the boxes as per the packed items. 
  • Pack aside the boxes of necessary items like toiletries, towels, curtains, pajamas, bedspreads, blankets, and so on.
  • Pack separate boxes for each room and label them accordingly so that there is no confusion while unpacking.  
  • Do not clutter your house with boxes; instead, dedicate a fixed space where all the packed boxes can get stored. 
  • Check for your toolbox and store all your paper works safely.

3: Do not shy from asking for help: After all, you are a human and no super being! So why not ask for assistance from your close acquaintances at the most beautiful and crucial period of your life. It doesn’t mean your friends or relatives have to help you shift the entire messy home physically, but they can also consider hanging out for boosting up your morale. Also, do not expect anyone to come over at the immediate time, let them know in advance about your big moving day!

4: Ensure your new Clayton home doesn’t require on time repairs: No question, your new Clayton home is lovely and equipped with many attractive characteristics. Nevertheless, no one wants to be stressed out at the time of moving. This is why you must pay attention to the following:

  • Heat and electricity availability.
  • Utilities like gas, water, telephone, TV, Internet, home protection, etc. Consider arranging a maintenance call to reestablish service of the utilities before moving in.
  • Address change services on the identification proof documents for banking, insurance, registration, car licenses, etc.
  • The significant places to locate such as the nearest hospital, public transportation, police station, village hall, fire station, country government, post office, park, vet clinics, library and school.

There is never a better day than running into your desired Clayton home with your dear ones. If you’re planning to buy an affordable and lovely house in Clayton for yourself or your loved ones, Robbie Johal’s expertise in the Clayton Real Estate Market can guide you in serving your dreams better. Contact Robbie today or learn more about Clayton homes for sale and view current listings on our Clayton real estate page.

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