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Posted by Robbie Johal on Sunday, March 29th, 2020 at 5:31pm

Updated Form from our British Columbia Real Estate Association. An updated new form we have all our new Buyers and Sellers sign before entering into a new Listing  or Purchase Sale agreement.

                                                            Notice and acknowledgement

TO:  Robbie Johal Personal Real Estate Corporation (the "REAlTOR")

AND TO: RE/MAX Lifestyles Realty(Langley)

            A.   The Spread of COVID-19 and the public health orders and recommendations issued as a result have had significant imppacts on how real                     estate transactions and trading and trading services are being carried out in British Columbia.

            B.  The undersigned has spoken to the REALTOR about an ongoing or a potential real estate transaction.

           C.  As part of that discussion, the Realtor has advised that the impact of COVID-19 will affect how they provide trading services, including that                     the Realtor must do so in accordance with public health orders and recommendations.  The Realtor advised that they and the undersigned                   should stay appraised of such public health orders and recommendations.

            D.  The Realtor has also recommended that the undersigned should obtain independent legal advice prior to entering any agreements in                            connection with such transaction to understand how their rights and obligations may be affected.


The undersigned hereby acknowledges that the Realtor has recommended that the undersigned stay appraised of all public health orders and recommendations and, prior to entering into any agreement in connection with a real estate transaction, obtain independent legal advice regarding such agreement.


Dated this__ day of _________________. 20___


                                                                                    Name (Print):________________________________



                                                                                   Name (Print):_________________________________





 Health Canada


 To our valued real estate clients

We know this is a trying and stressful time for all of us in Canada.  Things are changing almost hourly with government recommendations at the federal, provincial and municipal levels.

We want to offer you stability and comfort knowing your real estate needs are still being met in a safe and responsible manner.

Rest assured, while we remain open for business, they are taking all necessary precautions as recommended by the various health agencies and government.

        -  We are limiting contact with the general public and will use alternative means of communication wherever possible such as texts, phone, video conference ie)Zoom, face time, Facebook, Whatsapp Video conference, emails and Docusign E-signature for any paperwork.

         -We have recommended to all their Sellers postponing any open houses until further date whether it's deemed safe.

         -Every Listing that is posted on MLS has Professional photos, professional measured floor plan, 4K Professional virtual tour video with Aerial Drone and interactive 3D Matterprot Virtual Tour.

        -For every appointment that is made there is a health questionnaire that each person entering the home must answer 4 questions and sign before entering the home.

       -Our RE/MAX offices are reducing hours and seeking alternative technologies to connect with clients and host offer presentations.

The strength of our RE/MAX agents is knowing and being a part of your communities.  We are all in this together and remain committed to keeping you and your loved ones safe.

To those who are already with Robbie Johal buying or selling a home, our agents; Robbie Johal (personal real estate corporation) & Yvonne Wysocki (licensed assistant to Robbie Johal & Realtor) are there for you and if necessary, will make arrangements will make arrangements with you if there are any concerns around illness or potential spread of the virus.

Nothing is more important right now than the health and safety of our colleagues, clients and fellow citizens across Canada.

Check our blog frequently for our updates on how this situation is impacting the real estate market, and we will continue to be here to answer your questions and serve your real estate needs.



What we as a company are doing?

Providing all the forms and information you need to implement this new protocol including the 5 tools attached:

1. A Letter to Our Clients from RE/MAX Lifestyles Realty

2. A Seller's Instruction form for you to have your seller sign-for all RE/MAX Lifestyles Sellers, to sign, notifying them of our protocol to protect them, and their obligation to let us know if anyone in their home has any symptoms identified on the health questionnaire

3. Health questionnaire

4. Realtor Confirmation forms-for you to upload to your listing

5. Flyer for listing (thanks for doing your part) - to post at exterior entrance

6. Ensuring that we are available to talk to any Buyer or Seller regarding this policy



   To Our RE/MAX Lifestyles Home Sellers:

As the Managing Broker of Remax Lifestyles Realty, I want to thank you for entrusting your RE/MAX Lifestyles Realty realtor to sell your home. You made a great choice!

The worldwide coronavirus spread has some people questioning whether now is a good time to buy or sell a home. In my opinion that answer is:Yes.  With the low housing inventory we have seen, it is a great time sell. as for Buyers, interest rates are at historic lows and look to go even lower, if that's possible.

While we may see an overall slowdown at some point in the economy due to the virus, the real estate market continues to be strong. If I were looking to sell in the next 12 months, I would do it now. The health concerns may reduce home inventory even more-- a bonus for Sellers on the market now.

In effort to protect our clients and the public as a whole, we are implementing a new protocol when any realtor, whether from our company or others, shows your home. These protocols outlines on the attached Seller's Instructions document for you to sign, stipulates the following:

1. Prior to showing your home, any Broker must fill out a form (Broker Confirmation Form) confirming they have reviewed a quick,  4-question Health Questionnaire discloses with their Buyer(s) and/or Buyer guest(s) as well as the realtors themselves.

This questionnaire, used currently by many residential living communities, asks the parties to assess their current state of health. If the Health Questionnaire discloses any health concerns defined by the CDC, the parties will be instructed via the form to not enter your home.

2. This procedure will also apply to others visiting your home for sale-related purposes, including home inspection, appraisal and repairs.  The person arranging for the visitor will be responsible for reviewing the Health Questionnaire with the visiting party.

3. If you or any occupants of your home experience any of the health issues identified on the 4-question CDC form, you agree to let your listing Broker know so we can suspend showings until you are well,

It should be noted that while we are taking this proactive approach to protect you, there is no guarantee that an infected person cannot enter your home despite our best efforts.

The steps we are taking rely on the persons entering your home to be truthful on the form; we are not providing any medical testing to verify their health status or previous travel to other countries. Additionally, the person filling out the form may not exhibit any symptoms but could be carrying the virus.

We recommend that you and all members of the public go to the following links to understand the health risks to all.

What is COVID-19? The BC Center for Disease Control (BCCDC) has a FAQ about COVID-19, also known as the Novel Coronavirus.

We look forward to getting sold while taking steps to protect you.

Natalie Tarrant General Manager RE/MAX Lifestyles Realty


As your Listing Realtor this what we are doing?

     i                 Add to the MLS Listing's private/agent remarks  "Per Seller's instructions, anyone entering this property must have responded to the short Health Questionnaire located in the documents section of the listing".

     ii                If Buyer has seen and approved Professional photos, professional measured floor plan, 4 K professional virtual tour video with Aerial Drone and Interactive 3D Matterport Virtual Tour then we will have them make a appointment.

    iii                 Upload the attached PDF copy of the Health questionnaire and Realtor Confirmation form to the documents section of every residential listing.

    iv                 if feasible, provide copies of the Health Questionnaire at the property in a water-proof container like flyer box, envelope in covered area or email before showing the place.

    v                  Upload all realtor Confirmation forms to your listing file paperless.

3. Seller make sure before showing that all lights turned on and doors opened for the Buyer to view.

 4 We will give confirmation to the Realtor with instructions that they do not touch any doors or light within home and that they limit the number of guests to only the Buyers that will be on title.




Robbie Johal Personal Real Estate Corporation

RE/MAX Lifestyles Realty

Health Questionnaire

Property Address:_____________________________________________



         Realtor Name


In order to reduce the risk and of spreading infection, we ask you to review and respond to the following four health status questions. Your answer should reflect how you are feeling today.

1. Do you have a fever?

Yes_________ No_______

2. Do you have a cough, or are experiencing difficulty breathing or shortness of breath?

Yes_________ No_________

3. Have you had contact with a person has who confirmed case of COVID-19?


4. If you have travelled outside of Canada within the past 14 days, do you have signs of fever or respiratory illness, including cough, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath?



If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions above, you will not able to enter this property today.

Thank you for your cooperation.

REaltor Confirmation Form

Property Address:


By signing below, I confirm that I have reviewed the 4-question Health Questionnaire with each party that accompanied me to the above-identified property, and that the only parties who entered the house passed the Health Questionnaire (i.e., answered "No" to all four of the questions).


Realtor Signature          Date Signed


Realtor Name

A copy of this form must be forwarded to the listing realtor within 2 hours of entering the property; this can be sent as a scan, photo or via electronic signature,

Thank you for your cooperation.



Thanks for doing your part!

To make every effort to protect everyone's health, RE/MAX Lifestyles Realty, with the Seller's consent, is requiring the following occur prior to entering this Seller's home.

So there were no surprises, this information was provided to Realtors through the MLS system on this property prior to your visit.

1. Respond to the Health Questionnaire provided in the MLS Listing for each person entering the home - we also placed some here by the entry - it's 4 questions and takes 60 seconds or less!

2. Sanitize or wash your hands immediately before coming in.

3. If you can't do both the items above, please return at a time that you can.  Thanks for your cooperation!



 We have some good information on these links below.

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