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As we approach the Holiday season most people are busy shopping and getting things planned for the holidays.  However if you are in the market and thinking about waiting until spring it may cost you a bit more than what you can find out their right now. Today’s market represents an ideal time to be out searching for homes. Here’s a Few tips when searching for your home or selling during the holiday season:

If you are selling then:

  • There’s Less Competition out their for you to compete with,
  • More Qualified buyers that are eager to find a home, that are ready to do business.

If You Are Buying then:

  • Understand that some seller’s may need to sell, especially if they are putting their home on the market during the typical
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Clayton Heights Surrey Real Estate

Clayton Heights is an emerging residential community in Surrey, BC Canada, that is becoming more and more popular. There are many real estate opportunities in Clayton Heights, Surrey, BC Canada, due to the development of the area in recent years.

If you are looking to find a real estate property within the area of Clayton Heights then you are in luck. There are many real estate agencies within the area who can help you to find the perfect home for you and your family. Most of the Clayton Heights real estate agents have websites that you can visit to look at all of the homes and properties that they have on offer, making the whole selection and viewing process so much more simpler for you.

Some of the Clayton

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Access to credit has created a credit crisis in North America. The concept of keeping up with the neighbor’s purchases, even whenindividuals don’t have the money to do so, has destroyed personal and financial lives of families. Credit card debt is at an all time high, even as consumer savings rates are slowly climbing. A debt consolidation mortgage is an option to turn external debt into a mortgage loan, making it easier and faster to pay the loan off.

The way these loans work is they typically take a second position on the mortgage loan. The original mortgage loan is always first lien position. The second mortgage consolidates the debts of credit cards, credit lines, car loans, or any type of credit line outstanding into one loan payment, usually at a

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2012 will most likely be a continued rebounding year for the British Columbia real estate market. Outside of the Vancouver Metro area, expect the real estate market growth to remain slow, but steady and stable.

Overall, British Columbia is expected to see a higher than average growth in housing starts, estimated by the CMHC to be a 7.1% increase for 2012. Housing starts in British Columbia are projected by the CMHC to be roughly 24,000 on the low side with a high forecast of 28,000. Of these, 60% of the new starts are forecast to be multiple units. As with most of Canada, mortgage rates remain low in the British Columbia region, making financing attractive for purchasers. Mortgage rates remain close to 3.5% for a 1 year closed term and below 5.5% for a

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Renovations and Repairs – Preparing Your Home For Selling – 7 Things you should know When Selling Your Home.

Selling your house is the process of turning your house into a product. You cannot expect someone to buy a product that is broken or damaged.

Here are some valuable tips you can use when selling your home or getting ready to list your home on the market:

  1. When selling your house, you need to make all necessary replacements and repairs to damaged parts of your house. When preparing your house to be sold, there are certain areas of the house that buyers will look at the most. Knowing these areas will help you to be successful in selling your house.
  2. The two rooms to be concerned about most are the kitchen and bathrooms. These rooms can
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Why Surrey is BC’s BEST Real Estate Investment Town. For two years in a row, The Real Estate Investment Network of Canada rated Surrey BC the best real estate investment city in Canada for residential real estate. The REIN group also rated Surrey the 4th best overall city in Canada for real estate investment.

The study was based on:

  1. Average household income
  2. Transportation capacity
  3. Job outlook
  4. Population
  5. And other factors

Surrey has been growing steadily over the past decade and some predict it may eventually overtake Vancouver as BC’s largest city. Its population has grown by 100,000 in the past decade. The city is rebounding from the worldwide financial setbacks of 2008, showing substantial growth in the residential market.

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When buying a home or selling a property, people quickly discover that the process is more complicated than they first realized. That is why it is important to have a team of professionals dedicated to assisting clients through the entire process, from start to finish. Selecting a Langley BC RE/MAX REALTOR® ensures that customers get service and support unparalleled in the industry. RE/MAX agents have a reputation as being the most experienced and knowledgeable agents, with the connections and resources to help clients take the worry out of real estate.

Robbie Johal, a Langley BC RE/MAX REALTOR®, is the best decision in today’s difficult market. With a network of thousands of homes and unprecedented company growth, customers throughout North America

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Canadian real estate that has gained value from the time of purchase to the time of sale is subject to taxation. There are complicated rules concerning whether the real estate is used for business or intended for use in business. This includes such real estate as farmland, inherited property of any type etc. If the property is deemed a business property, it is covered by tax regulation IT-218R.

This article will instead discuss real estate that is considered residential. If one has a second home in Canada, capital gains (net profit after itemized improvements and sales commission etc. is considered as fully taxable income.

One the other hand, if the home is a residence, capital gains are taxed at a reduced rate. If the home is a primary residence,

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Waterstone Condos 6420, 6430, 6440 194th Street

Waterstone is located in Clayton, part of the Cloverdale real estate for sale. Everything about the Waterstone Condo’s 6420, 6430, and 6440 194th Street simply states luxury. Showcasing the finest of clubhouse amenities in 15,000 square feet, Waterstone exemplifies fine living. Located in the marvelous clubhouse are a billiards lounge, wine bar, a chef’s kitchen, yoga studio, 60 foot lap pool and a sauna!! With so many activities to choose from you will feel more like you are on vacation than at home, making this a true resort lifestyle.

The Waterstone condos are just as sumptuously appointed as the clubhouse and grounds. Each condo features supersized gourmet kitchens which include ample cupboard

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Willow Grand Condo’s 19500 65th Avenue

Expect to have your breath taken away when you first see one of 43 Craftsman style condos being built at Willow Grand Condo’s 19500 65th Avenue. The wow factor of these spacious homes will simply leave you stunned. Nothing is left to chance or overlooked in these spectacular townhomes in Cloverdale. With security fob access points, secure parking, and surveillance cameras where needed, safety is first in this well planned community. Wildlife green spaces and lots of hiking trails are located nearby for the outdoor enthusiasts.  Located within Surrey and Langley Border, the condos are being presold with a $10,000 incentive and are going fast.

The Willow Grand Condo’s 19500 65th Avenue are near Willowbrook

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